Why Right Policy?

  • The most honest name in insurance industry

  • 2000 families covered

  • 100 years of legacy

  • We make it simple

  • Claims Support

  • Back up of your policy documents

With over decades of experience coupled with our size and strength we have developed excellent relationships with Indian insurance market to give you access to the very best value insurance policy, keeping in mind our core philosophy to nurture long term relations through our personalised approach in the insurance industry.

We are the only insurance consultants to provide policy selection, policy purchase assistance, renewals assistance, online claims support & also guidance on remedial / legal remedial measures against the insurance companies, if at all required, all bundled together in one package.

Insurance counseling: Considering your dynamic needs we provide unbiased analysis of insurance products to suit your present and future requirements.

  1. Policy:

    1. We also assist you in buying insurance policy without any shortcuts as common in the industry. All material disclosures are insisted upon and proposals are mandatory.

    2. We assist you with the most honest advice for choosing the most appropriate and suitable product to meet your requirements.
    3. A team of experts are always available at your call to help you to complete policy purchase formalities.

  1. Policy Servicing:

    1. Insurance policies are generally dispatched by insurance companies directly to the policy holders. We do have access to soft copies of the policies of most insurers’ which can be shared with you and there be in any errors/mistakes in the policy or change in particulars, we are always available to get the same rectified simply through electronic communication.

    2. Claims are prerogative of insurance companies. With our decades of experience in the claims we advice and assist you in co-ordination and liaisioning with the insurance companies in a meaningful manner to expedite your claims, at no extra cost.

    3. We do have a team of experts in the claims departments, along with legal experts to assist you, when required.

  1. Claim Denial:

    1. With our experience in handling more than 5000 general insurance claims In the event of claim not being paid or rejected by the insurance company, our experts will advice on remedial measures like Grievance Cell, IRDA, Ombudsman, Consumer Courts, etc.,. You are rest assured you are in safe hands.

  1. Documentation:

    1. We do maintain records of all your relevant policies so that in the event of any emergency all you have to do is just to get in touch with us and we will email the policy copy to you or the hospital.


    1. You will receive renewal reminders directly from the insurance companies. At the same time we also send reminders to you 10-20 days prior to due date by email, so that you don’t miss out of the renewal.

  1. Claims Management:

    1. In case of any major property damage or commercial general insurance claims we also provide expert advice where necessary to explain the policy terms and conditions, assist you to prepare claim filing and co-ordinate with insurers to ensure that there are minimum delays and subsequent mis-understanding w.r.t. the policy liability for quantum.

    2. For the claims management our rates are competitive and based on percentage of the claims or hourly rates depending on the service required.

  1. Reach Us:

    1. Should you need any assistance, we are always available on Tel.No. +91 9404908866 and email: contact@rightpolicy.in 24×7.