Contractor’s All Risk Insurance

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Policy Features

For civil construction, heavy machinery and equipment are essential. Even with a skillful project team, the risks of damage and loss remain high. The Reliance Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy safeguards you against all such perils. It helps you avert losses and keep your projects running.


Key Benefits:

  • ​Comprehensive, uninterrupted cover for any eventuality during the construction period.
  • Customized options available for the insured to choose specific additional coverage such as removal of debris, express freight, covering insured’s surrounding property, third party liability etc.
  • Flexibility for the insured to assign limits for the amount of additional coverage.



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Reliance Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy Coverage:

​This policy coverage commences once the project starts and lasts till it’s fully completed and handed over. The policy covers:


  • ​Material Damage
  • ​Third Party Liability
  • ​Additional cover
  • Damage to property insured against sudden and unforeseen causes that necessitate the property's repair or replacement.
  • In case of repairs and replacements, the settlement is based on production of bills.
  • In the case of total loss, settlement will be actual value immediately before the loss less salvage.
  • Cover for property used in the project that belongs to a third person but is held by you in trust when the loss occurs.
  • Covers you against any legal liability for injury directly caused by the construction of the insured property.
  • Covers cost of litigation recovered by the claimant, all cost and expenses incurred with the written consent of the Insurance Company.
You can also choose some optional covers for an extra premium
Breakage of glass
  • Storage risks at fabricators premises / workshop
  • Sites located in EQ Zones I & II
  • Clearance and removal of debris
  • Third party liability
  • Cover for surrounding property.
  • Escalation of cost
  • Express freight, holiday and overtime rate for wages
  • Air freight, additional custom duty
  • Construction, plant and machinery
  • Maintenance Visits and extended maintenance cover

Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy Exclusions


  • Excess as specified in the Schedule.
  • Loss discovered only at the time of taking an inventory.
  • Normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions or lack of use or obsolescence, rust, scratching of painted or polished surfaces, or breakage of glass.
  • Loss or damage due to faulty design.
  • The cost of replacement, repair, or rectification of defective material and/or workmanship.
  • The cost necessary for rectification or correction of any error during construction unless resulting in physical loss or damage.
  • Loss of or damage to files, drawings, accounts, bills, currency, stamps, deeds, evidence of debt, notes, securities, cheques, and packing materials such as cases, boxes, crates.
  • Any damage or penalties on account of the insured’s non-fulfillment of the terms of delivery or completion under his contract of construction, etc.
  • Loss of or damage to vehicles licensed for general road use, or water borne vessels, or machinery/equipment mounted, or operated, or fixed on floating vessels/craft/barges or aircraft.